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Oral Hygiene General Recommendations

MSG Dental is dedicated to providing families in the Miami area with the best health care services regardless of age. Our patients can expect comprehensive dental care for every concern they have. We value understanding the needs, goals and lifestyle of each patient to demonstrate the importance of communication. To provide our patients with the best results and a beautiful smile, we strive to gain a thorough understanding of their needs so we can provide options that benefit their health. Get high-quality service from us as soon as possible.

Brush teeth after meals with a fluoride toothpaste

      Reduces risk of caries and periodontitis

        Helps to remove food that gets wedged in between teeth

  1. Wrap the floss around fingers with gentle tension. 
  2. Adapt the floss around tooth drawing the letter C, this way upward and downward movement against tooth
  3. Rinse out to remove all debris


  1. Place your toothbrush at a 45 degree angle against your teeth and gums and move the brush in gentle circular strokes.
  2. Overlapping each area as you progress in a systematic fashion.
  3. Finish up brushing your tongue to remove bacteria and freshen your breath

Eat healthy diet, limiting sugary beverages and starchy snacks

  • Dental caries have a sugar driven biofilm-mediated dynamic, resulting in demineralization of dental hard tissues

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